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Lip & Cheek Balm Zinc

Tinted Zinc Stick - in colour coral 

plastic free . aus made . reef & ocean safe . SPF 30 . 16grams

Zinc RE-IMAGINED!! Super lightweight zinc unlike any other, doesnt leave thick feeling on your face and instead is absorbed & moisturising into skin hence making it perfect for lips and cheek tint! My favourite product beacuse of how versitile it is - I have been using it as my lipbalm/stick & blush in my beauty routine! 

Easy to apply in plastic free tube! Natural ingredients making it reef and ocean safe alongside better for your skin! Gentle enough to use on sensitive skin. 

INGREDIENTS: Ecocert Zinc Oxide, Avocado Oil, Surf Coast Beeswax, Coconut Oil Fractionated, Cacao Butter*, Mango Butter*, Jojoba Esters, Vitamin E + Iron Oxides *CERTIFIED ORGANIC

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply generously and blend into the skin well. Reapply every two hours

Our Reviews

The Clayed Coral earrings are great for my sensitive skin, I wear them most days!! 

They have a secure backing which is also great for when Im in the ocean

Backings of earrings

The Eco Surf Wax has great grip to my board and is perfect for the Sunshine Coast climate. Would strongly recommend!

Eco Surf Wax Block
Locally hand crafted - Clayed Coral

The Story

Clayed Coral has been created by local Sunshine Coast artist Nicole. Through a passion of art and ocean conservation meeting Clayed Coral was created. Click here to read more...

The Cause

My mission is to use my creations to represent the beauty of the world below the surface, to inspire people to help care for our oceans and reefs when they wear them. Alongside I donate 10% of profits towards Australian Reef Conservation funds. Saving our Reefs one pair at a time! Click here to read more...

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