Clayed Coral’s Story

Clayed Coral is created by a local Sunshine Coast artist Alori Gapes. With the mission to help spread awareness and support the beautiful world of oceans and reefs.

Clayed Coral is a way of expressing the beauty of the world below the surface, to encourage people to appreciate its beauty and have a reminder to protect it!

My passion for ocean conservation started when in year 12, (2018) I created a metre long ceramic coral sculpture depicting coral reefs dying from human activity with issues such as climate change.

This was where Clayed Coral started through my love of using art to connect people to the issues our oceans are facing. So through wearing my handcrafted earrings you have a piece of art to remind you of the beauty the oceans hold and try your best to be gentle to the earth to help conserve it! (click here for some tips to be more eco friendly)

Alongside Clayed Coral donates 10% of profits to coral conservation funds such as; Reef Check Australia.

Clayed Corals mission flows all the way through into how your items are sent! Your order will arrive in 100% Compostable packaging and with carbon neutral shipping!

I have been so lucky to have been interviewed for 2 articles and feature in a podcast aswell, which links are below for you to read or listen  further...

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