Clayed Coral’s Story

Clayed Coral is my little heart & soul.I beganthis business at 17 right after graduating school in my gap year. It began as a hobby and I would have never thought I would be here today at 20 with this as my full-time job (well alongside university)! I am beyond grateful for Clayed Coral and how it allows me to be creative whilst also connecting people to the message of reef and ocean conservation.


My mission with Clayed Coral is to create art that when people see it or wear it are reminded of the ocean and are made to feel happy. When selecting which non-for-profit organisation to donate a portion of my profits to the amazing Reef Check Australia appeared.Theyare a local organisation to the Sunshine Coast and do critical data analysis on the reefs alongside do education on reefs.

Based on the Sunshine Coast, Reef Check are a local organisation who focus providing critical data analysis and education of the reefs.


It was also important for me to have my mission of sustainability flow through my products- hence, I create my earrings in a way where I can make sure no clay is wasted. I have created a way of creating my earrings so that no clay is wasted. I use premium recycled cards for my earrings, and some are even made from recycled cotton t-shirts! I use Australian home compostable mailer bags, home compostable tape, a non-toxic ink and handmade eco rubber stamp on my cardboard boxes, paper bubble wrap that is 100% compostable or recyclable, and carbon neutral shipping. I continue to look for ways to improve my standard of sustainability.

As a small business all these choices to be plastic free aren’t cheap at all, but it is what is integral for me and I will continue to pay a premium to make the best choices I can for the planet.

It is easy for me to care so deeply for the environment. Through growing up, and livingon the Sunshine Coast, I have grown such an appreciation for the oceans and the planet and how important it is to cherish mother nature.


For the past 2 and a half years I have taken part in what feels like all the local markets in the Sunshine Coast, and through doing so I have met the most amazing community of people that support me and shop with Clayed Coral - I refer to my 'customers' as The CC Club,because people who shop from me have always felt like more than customers as they support my dreams and align with my values. Hence, to me, it feels like a little club! & if you are reading this, I bet you are a CC Club member too!


For me being a part of the CC Club represents my ethics, dreams, and values. A group of people that all have hope for a better tomorrow through living a better today.


It is my hope that my little baby Clayed Coral continues to grow and that I can continue to get to do what I love.




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