Cocktail Straws

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Cocktail Straw - with pouch & cleaning brush

durable smoothie straw that is 15cm long being the perfect size to place in your frozen margo this summer! 

sustainable & reusable option because plastic straws suck! I also love these because you can have piece of mind that your straw is 100% clean and hygenic by being able to see through the glass!!

these are from a local sunshine coast business Seastraws who were the first ever glass straw brand in Australia! 

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The Eco Surf Wax has great grip to my board and is perfect for the Sunshine Coast climate. Would strongly recommend!

Eco Surf Wax Block
Locally hand crafted - Clayed Coral

The Story

Clayed Coral has been created by local Sunshine Coast artist Alori. Through a passion of art and ocean conservation meeting Clayed Coral was created. Click here to read more...

The Cause

My mission is to use my creations to represent the beauty of the world below the surface, to inspire people to help care for our oceans and reefs when they wear them. Alongside I donate 10% of profits towards Australian Reef Conservation funds. Saving our Reefs one pair at a time! Click here to read more...

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