Reef + Eco Conscious Sunscreen

why to slip slop slap ethically & consciously

Did you know about the importance of reef conscious sunscreen?

The sunscreen we lather up on our skin washes off when we are in the water and it adds up BIG TIME!

Research has indicated that 4,000 to 6,000 tons of sunscreen enters reef areas annually,this unfortunately concentrates on popular tourists sites such as coral reefs or beautiful popular waterways. Meaning places that most tourists swim exposes a big portion to that marine area to harmful sunscreen ingredients.


Here in Australia shockingly we have no legislation on the term ‘reef safe’ meaning there is no guarantee for a sunscreen which is labelled reef safe to not cause any harm when entering an underwater ecosystem. Whilst no sunscreen has been  proven to be 100% ‘reef safe’ there are alternatives of sunscreen that are much better for our reefs and marine life then regular sunscreen brands!


The best ingredients to look for in your sunscreen are natural mineral ingredients like; zinc oxide or titanium oxide. These are the best as these are the ingredients which have been found to NOT affect coral plants or marine life and are very affective as a barrier to protect your precious skin from the sun.


While sunscreens that contain the ingredients of oxybenzone and octinoxate have been banned in Hawaii due to a study finding that these chemicals affect young coral and contribute to coral bleaching! Therefore, these are chemicals in your sunscreen ingredients to be sure to AVOID!!


Other ingredients to AVOID are Cinnamates and Parabens which are proven to harm coral and marine life.


Also stay away from aerosol sunscreens to minimise the amount of sunscreen which is ending up in the ecosystem.


I can find this topic of reef safe sunscreen confusing at times but I find it crucial to know that I am doing my absolute best with the resources available to ensure I can make the smallest footprint on our earth as possible, hence this is why I use the following sunscreen brands:


Is a fellow Australian Made & Owned Brand that cares for our marine life! I love the thick consistency of this sunscreen and the lovely natural smell* is fragrance free. This sunscreen is SPF 30 and 3hours water resistant! It contains organic ingredients of Green Tea, Cucumber and Rosehip. It is suitable for sensitive skin and dries clear on this skin with a non-greasy application. This sunscreen is also for the whole family 6months old +

Little Urchin has a range of sunscreens, tinted sunscreens and moisturisers which all contain non harmful ingredients to marine life!

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Sun Butter


A formula that possessed the highest sun protection factor possible for their outdoor lifestyle, SPF50, but was not going to compromise their skin with harsh chemicals or have adverse effects on marine life and corals. This is how SunButter™ was born.

The original SunButter sunblock was handmade for the whale shark guides, photographers, spearo's, divers and fisherman of the Ningaloo Reef. Since August 2019 we have expanded from handmade sunblock to Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration approved sunscreen, with our SPF50, 4 hours water resistant, reef safe sunscreen.


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  • Sun and Earth Zinc  is handmade in Byron Bay by solar power! Whilst also having inclusive skin tone colours of 3 skin tone shades which I think is amazing and more brands need to be doing!

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  • Another awesome plastic free zinc that comes in a tube is Winki Zinc which is also an Australian Business with 4 skin tone shades!!! Love when brands are so inclusive alongside being environmentally friendly!

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For more info on Reef Conscious Sunscreen you can check the following links: