Bleached Coral


Clayed Coral earrings are handcrafted with care from Polymer Clay, making them lightweight and gentle on your ears. With Stainless Steel Backings that are Hypoallergenic that have a secure butterfly clip you can have no stress when wearing these earrings!

10% of profits from your order is donated towards coral conservation funds to help Save Our Reefs! Alongside your order will be delivered with Carbon Neutral Shipping & Plastic Free packaging!

This pair has a very special meaning of the design replicating the look of Bleached Coral, which is the phase Coral goes into when understress from usually rising water temperatures. Rising water temperatures have been linked to climate change and therefore the way in which we treat the earth is affecting the health of our coral reefs! It is absoloutely heart braking to see a bleaching event on a coral reef and to see the colour stripped away as the life in the coral animals slowly slips away. It is Clayed Corals mission to inspire people to want to help our reefs and keep their colour, that is why majority of my earrings are bright and vibrant although this earring is a great contrast to help convey a powerful reminder.

This pair of Handcrafted earrings 'Bleached Coral' are the most popular Clayed Coral earrings, as they go with everything! I personally wear mine all the time!

Keep in mind I'm unique...

Each earring pair has its own minor differences and this is the beauty of purchasing a unique, handmade product. I try to replicate the exact earring design pictured but ultimately small variations in size, colour, and minor detail will occur and that is what makes each and every one of my earrings unique and special.  As your order is made to order please allow 4 days until your order is distpatched from my studio. 

The Story

Clayed Coral has been created by local Sunshine Coast artist Alori. Through a passion of art and ocean conservation meeting Clayed Coral was created. Click here to read more...

The Cause

My mission is to use my creations to represent the beauty of the world below the surface, to inspire people to help care for our oceans and reefs. Alongside I donate 10% of profits towards Australian Reef Conservation funds. Saving our Reefs one pair at a time! Click here to read more...