-Clayed Corals Women’s Day Blog-


To celebrate international Women’s day, I have put together this piece of which I have written with the hopes to encourage, inspire, motivate and spread love between the beautiful CC community. I have been so blessed as my time as a young female entrepreneur, I have met an absolutely wonderful community of fellow women that have all helped me and Clayed Coral get to where we are.


It has been an absolute privilege to be so young yet have been so lucky to be surrounded by such inspiration, empowerment, and hope. I have been so lucky to ask a few questions to a handful of beautiful people who I have so much admiration for and am able to share with you an insight into the motivators and factors that make all of these women so inspiring to me as a young female.






Jess is an amazing local business owner of the sustainably handmade scrunchies named ‘Bloom Sustainable Lifestyle’ whom I have had the absolute privilege of launching the Eco Queen Collab pack in honour of Women’s Day. It made complete sense for Jess and I to do this pack together as we continually support and encourage one another in everyday life which is so uplifting.Which lead me to asking Jess what her favourite thing about being a woman was, and her response was the relationships she can foster. Jess said “there is something incredibly raw and unique between the relationships between mother and daughter, sisters, girlfriends. Women have such an incredibly large capacity to establish loving and fulfilling relationships with one another alongside driving and encouraging others passions and careers.”





Alison is an amazing woman who entered my life when we met at a local sunny coast beach clean-up, which is not at all surprising as Alison is one of the biggest sustainability queens of the coast! Alison runs a program called Ten Little Pieces to help educate and empower people about litter! So, when I asked Alison what one thing that she hoped future woman can experience, her answer was simple and to the point… ‘a liveable planet’. Ali is inspired by the environmental space she works in by being able to implement action and seeking new opportunities to make waves in our sunny coast community!





Okay,if you don’t know who Pippa is from Pippa’s Pantry get on Instagram right after this and search her up! Pippa is an amazing female business owner who creates the cutest vegan treats! And cupcakes are her thing!!! So, do I even need to say how I met Pippa…ahahha. Pippa is an extremely hardworking, inspiring and sweet business owner who inspires me all the time! A few of my favourite things about Pippa is how genuine she is, how she incorporates her personality and beliefs into her business, and how she is just unapologetically herself. For instance, for Valentine’s day just gone she made cookies with slogans such as “fav position is CEO” as she is all about girl boss vibes!!! Which makes it unsurprising when Pippa says that hard work and honesty are what she finds inspiring. Pippa also says that since being a business owner it has made her a stronger and more resilient woman, which she hopes can inspire everyone!






Tessa is a fellow young female creator here on the Sunshine Coast, she creates the most stunning ceramic mugs. When asking Tessa her fav thing about being a female business owner,she says how much she adores the feeling of overwhelming support from fellow female artists or business owners that allow her to feel a part of a sisterhood. One extremely valuable and beautiful thing Tessa said is “It is so important to nurture that sisterhood, because it is contagious and there is no need for competitiveness. You attract what you put out and I am conscious of supporting and building up other women. There is spaces for us all to grow and thrive!”


Another amazing and empowering point Tessa discussed when asking Tessa what her favourite thing about being a woman was, Tessa replied with another amazing and empowering point, “I love allowing myself to identify with varying degrees of femininity depending on how I feel when I wake up in the morning. I love that I'm not confined to one or the other.”




Jessica is a local female who cares deeply for environmental conservation and has been selected by Coolum surf club to represent them as the Coolum Surf Woman, which is a title that she hasn’t taken on lightly. Jessica studied a Bachelor of Environmental Science, so with the title as Surf Woman, her main mission has been to raise awareness in the surf club about environmental impacts and has used this platform to inspire and encourage others with her love for sustainability and the environment. When I asked Jessica what empowers her as a woman in her daily life, she answered that “To see how far we have come as women and knowing how far we still have to reach for equality and acceptance, really encourages me to keep on pushing myself harder”





As they say, I have saved the best for last… Beryl Grut is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met, and it is a honour to have her as my Gma. Beryl has had a life full of successes, through moving from her home on Norfolk Island when she was just 16 to chase a life of opportunity for herself, to then becoming an operator of McDonalds stores here in Australia. Through this magnitude of experience as a female business owner she has developed a lot of wisdom which I am so lucky to have inspired me from when I was young and has instilled that becoming a successful female entrepreneur is possible with hard work. A female which has inspired Beryl was Margret Thatcher, as Beryl said, “she inspired women like me to say yes to male dominated roles”. Becoming an owner of multiple stores came with great responsibility, and many factors empowered her. Although, Beryl said, ‘none so powerful as being a woman with the ability to then see both sides, with the skills of being a mother with intuition and a wife with negotiation skills”. One of her favourite quotes that she has shared is “Opportunity is often missed, as sometimes it comes dressed in overalls disguised as work”.


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